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All Things Fungi Festival welcomes The Creeping Garden

The Creeping Garden travels to East Sussex this September for a special screening at the All Things Fungi Festival. On Sunday 17th, there will be a screening and discussion with co-director Jasper Sharp, sharing his wealth of slime mould and fungi knowledge. For more info follow this LINK.

“This eco-conscious event will be educational and community-oriented involving local and national fungi groups. We aim to cover Mushroom identification, cultivation, microscopy, medicinal mushrooms and topics such as the soil food web, composting & decomposition, permaculture & rewilding. Most importantly, we will celebrate the people at the forefront of mycology in the UK and beyond.

For far too long, Fungi have been under appreciated and under-studied.  We feel it’s time to give Fungi the attention and recognition they deserve.”


We are very happy to be screening our real life sci-fi slime doc ‘The Creeping Garden’ as part of Bio-Scoop #2 this September in The Netherlands.

The Bio-Scoop #2 event will take place at Boerderij Bodemzicht on 29 and 30 September. InScience selected two films to be shown in this extraordinary open-air cinema: Dusk Chorus: Based on Fragments of Extinction by David Monacchi (2017) and The Creeping Garden (2014).

Our life is radically dependent on the top layer of the earth on which we live every day. The soil and all the life it contains is inextricably linked to life above ground. More and more research indicates that the landscape in which we live, the quality of the food it provides us, and the lives of the creatures we share that food with, are directly related to the soil and its health. Within Bodemleven, artists and scientists jointly investigate the complex interactions that take place in the soil and our relationship with all these phenomena.

For more info – follow the LINK

The Creeping Garden goes Labocine Live

Labocine is a singular, ever-evolving, hybrid streaming platform that showcases science in cinema in all its flavors, challenging stereotypes in scientific representation and celebrating diversity in form and content.

As a lead up to their 15th anniversary edition, Labocine are paying tribute to some of their favourite films. And we are delighted that they count The Creeping Garden among them.

The film will play from the 19th to the 21st August on Labocine.

The Creeping Garden returns to Copenhagen

The Creeping Garden will be screening as part of this years Copenhagen Architecture Festival alongside a debate between leading practitioners and researchers within bio-based building materials and the green urban development of the future.

Why is it necessary for architects to engage in the development of new materials and how it will affect the way we build? How can nature inspire our approach to buildings and urban development? How do we draw the line between nature and architecture?

In the panel you can meet: Associate Professor Phil Ayres from CITA, Royal Academy, who has just been granted 18 million by the EU for research into the use of CO2-neutral bio-based materials in architecture and has ongoing ambitious research projects such as FUNGAR working on using mycelium as intelligent building material. Daniel Philip Veenboer from the design studio EFFEKT, who collaborates with Cornell, Home.Earth and NREP on a project where the ambition is to convert waste into building materials. Alexandra Vindfeld Hansen,landscape architect and head of the design studio SLA’s research and development efforts, which bridges the gap between research and practice.

Moderator: Professor Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen (Head of CITA, Royal Academy).

After the debate, the 2014 film The Creeping Garden by Tim Grabham and Jasper Sharp is shown, 70 minutes.

The Creeping Garden returns to Hot Docs

It is a real pleasure to be currently screening online at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers cinema. We took the film to Hot Docs back in 2015 and so to be invited back to be part of their High Minded strand of films is wonderful.

For more info on the screening follow this link.