We are very happy to be screening our real life sci-fi slime doc ‘The Creeping Garden’ as part of Bio-Scoop #2 this September in The Netherlands.

The Bio-Scoop #2 event will take place at Boerderij Bodemzicht on 29 and 30 September. InScience selected two films to be shown in this extraordinary open-air cinema: Dusk Chorus: Based on Fragments of Extinction by David Monacchi (2017) and The Creeping Garden (2014).

Our life is radically dependent on the top layer of the earth on which we live every day. The soil and all the life it contains is inextricably linked to life above ground. More and more research indicates that the landscape in which we live, the quality of the food it provides us, and the lives of the creatures we share that food with, are directly related to the soil and its health. Within Bodemleven, artists and scientists jointly investigate the complex interactions that take place in the soil and our relationship with all these phenomena.

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