‘Paradoxically down to earth and deeply eccentric…. invoking science fiction’s creeping unknowns.’

Kim Newman, Sight and Sound

‘The Creeping Garden is almost certainly the Citizen Kane of slime mould documentaries… lavished with widescreen macro-photography.’

Nick Pinkerton, Sight And Sound

‘Here is a documentary that in filmic and scientific terms is the equivalent of a lengthy mandolin solo on a triple gatefold prog-rock album. Strange, eccentric, diverting.’

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

‘Genuinely fascinating…’

Matt Looker, Total Film

‘…swells with moments of surprise, revulsion and uncanny beauty.’

Christopher Machell, CineVue

‘oddball, fascinating delight’

Mondo Digital

‘might just be one of the most fascinating (and visually stunning) films you see all year’

Ben Robins, The National Student

‘Bewitching documentary about an overlooked life form’

Graham Rickson, The Arts Desk

‘This neatly shot oddball film… reveals more aspects to slime mould than you’d ever imagine’

Trevor Johnston, Radio Times

‘Suppurating slime mould takes the limelight in this eccentric, sci-fi themed documentary.’

John Wadsworth, Little White Lies

‘…an oddity that I found strangely compelling. It looks and sounds beautiful’

David Brook, Blueprint

‘Masterful cinematography and honest storytelling’

Bill Kacir, The Upcoming

‘…breathtaking time lapse visuals accompanied by strangely compelling and otherworldly music by renowned composer and music producer Jim O’Rourke’

Jeremy Clarke, Dirty Movies

‘The Creeping Garden is as much a work of art as it is an experimental documentary’

Rob Aldam, Backseat Mafia

‘A documentary that successfully challenges everything we thought we knew about life on earth. The result is both fascinating and discomforting.’

Andrea Chase, Killer Movie Reviews

‘An intense, impressionistic portrait of the eerie mystery of nature.’

Mike Dub, E Street Film Society

‘Tim Grabham and Jasper Sharp’s uncanny documentary “The Creeping Garden” has a way of growing on you… a surprising investigation of perception, thought and life itself.

Nicolas Rapold, The New York Times

‘Heady and rigorous… Grabham and Sharp explore slime molds with a dry wit… shooting the creeping goo (like the Blob in miniature) with a Lynchian beauty.’

Serena Donadoni, L.A. Weekly

‘As scientifically smart and interesting as the documentary is, it’s also a treat visually, offering some splendidly creepy time-lapse photography.’

James van Maanen, TrustMovies

‘If you have to see one movie about slime mold this year, this is it. Yes, The Creeping Garden is the Citizen Kane of slime-mold movies.’

Robert Horton, Parallax View

‘A highly entertaining film… Bridging the gap between documentary and a genre film, this might be the most fun you’ll have learning all year.’

Andrew Parker, Toronto Film Scene

‘The Creeping Garden is a perfect science fiction documentary.’

Hallie Newton, Monster Children

‘Heady and rigorous, The Creeping Garden is an illuminating science documentary that tickles the imagination.’

Serena Donadoni, The Village Voice

‘An improbably delightful documentary’

Dennis Harvey, Variety

‘A serious scientific inquiry that also functions as a trippy philosophical exploration of our place in the world and the really weird things that exist just beneath us.’

Norman Wilner, NOW Toronto

‘The movie hums as if it was shot by aliens visiting Earth for the first time, and that’s a high compliment.’

Jordan Hoffman, The Guardian

‘Is The Creeping Garden essential festival viewing? Yes, for science and art enthusiasts in equal measure. It’s fascinating and delightfully nerdy.’

Andrew Parker, Toronto Film Scene

‘An out-of-left-field nerdy delight’

John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter

‘An enthralling delve into the world of plasmodial slime moulds deserving to be served up at a series of other festivals… A unique documentary to be sure.’

Mark Adams, Screen International

Eli Horwatt, Hot Docs International Documentary Festival

‘Stupendously fascinating and individualistic documentary masterpiece… see it and be forever altered.’

Mitch Davis, Fantasia International Film Festival

‘The Creeping Garden is, cinematically, the reflection of its subject… a masterpiece… An absolute must ‐ see.’

Joseph Elfassi, Voir Montreal

‘Imagine if Stanley Kubrick and Douglas Trumbull were tasked with making a 1970s educational science film about the pods from Don Siegel’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers and you’re some way to understanding The Creeping Garden.’

James Marsh, Twitchfilm

‘An essential reminder of how smart docs about peculiar subjects can be as entertaining as any psycho thriller… Who knew fungal gunk could be so rapturous to behold?’

Steve Dollar, Indiewire

‘This is a documentary that transcends its form and creeps, mold-like, into your subconscious. And so far as unusual experiences go, The Creeping Garden is one I’d recommend wholeheartedly.’

‘A gorgeously careful film, this thing is beyond fascinating. A must-see.’

David Bradford, Forget The