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Weekend of Slime

The season of the slime is upon us once more!

This coming weekend, on the 6th and 7th of October, sees three Creeping Garden screenings taking place.

First up on the 6th is UK Fungus Day Day in Bristol, where a host of fungus (and slime mould) related events and happenings are ready to feed the mind.

And on the 7th there is a dual screening – one at the Margate Film Festival where the films co-director, Jasper Sharp, will be introducing the film. The inaugural Margate Film Festival is focusing on the themes of ‘outsiders’ and shifting attitudes to people and places.

And it will also screen at DokuBaku in Azerbaijan, as part of DokuBaku’s new SciDocs programme organized in collaboration with Elmi Spektr magazine. This section will showcase recent documentary films that explore various areas of scientific and technological inquiry, as well as films that explore natural phenomena through an artistic point of view.

The season of slime comes round once more

It seems that the coming of autumn and the emergence of Creeping Garden screenings go hand in hand – so once again as summer wanes and the slime moulds stir, we can announce that The Margate Film Festival will be showing The Creeping Garden on Sunday 7th October at 3.30pm. And the films co-director Jasper Sharp will also be there to introduce the film. For more details follow the link here



Creeping Garden heads to AAVE Festival in Helsinki

The Creeping Garden returns to Finland this April 12th as part of the AAVE Festival  in Helsinki.

AAVE Festival is a yearly international event organized in Helsinki since 2010. Their mission is to represent, promote and showcase different forms of audiovisual arts and therefore rejoin different genres and audiences. This is not a mere film or media art festival but it aims at opening the gates into the vast world of moving image.

“The theme of the year 2018 is hauntology, haunting through media and memory. We introduce the theme via live cinema performances, screenings, exhibitions and a seminar. In our main screening series we will show the short works by the legendary pioneer of Japanese experimental documentary film, video art and avantgarde film Matsumoto Toshio and our qualified live cinema guest artists performances and surprising moving image works will light up the program with tempting, otherworldly shine.”

Labocine hosts a weekend of slime

This weekend on July 8th and 9th, we are delighted to announce that Labocine will be hosting The Creeping Garden as their special film pick online, and a chance to catch it free of charge for just two days only.

Labocine is an Imagine Science Films initiative to extend their film programming to a broader and diverse audience.


A Danish Summer of Slime at The Garden

We are delighted to announce that The Creeping Garden will have a run of screenings in Denmark this June and July at the Aros Triennial ‘The Garden – End of Times, Beginning of Times’ 

The film will be screening on –

June 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th 
July 3rd, 10th, 7th, 24th 

Its a real pleasure to be part of this massive and ambitious project and to be sharing a programme with work from such inspiring film makers.


The ARoS Triennial The Garden – End of Times, Beginning of Times thematises man’s coexistence with and view on nature, indicating how varying world views (religious, political, ideological, cultural, or scientific) have had an impact on how nature has been represented in art through the ages.

The Triennial consists of three sections (The Past, The Present, and The Future), which provide the structural framework of the exhibition. The Past examines the landscape and man’s relationship with nature from the perspective of art and the history of ideas, The Present looks at nature in a modern urban context, and The Future explores the artistic reaction to environmental changes. The Present and The Future will be open to visitors in June and July of this year.


The Past (at ARoS): 8 April until 10 September 2017
The Present (in the city): 3 June until 30 July 2017
The Future (by the coast): 3 June until 30 July 2017