The Creeping Garden joins Pariscience line up


We are delighted that The Creeping garden finally makes its way to Paris in October.

Pariscience is a film festival which crosses science with cinema to shed light on the evolution of the various scientific disciplines and their impact on society. 

Each year, the festival showcases the very best of French and international science-themed films. Many of the films had never been shown on French television.

The festival runs for 6 days in early October and is held at the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris. It is organised by the Association Science & Télévision (AST), a collective of independent production companies working to promote science on television and developing relationships between the audiovisual sector and the scientific world   (

Eleven years in, Pariscience has become an unmissable event for both film buffs and science enthusiasts alike.

The Creeping Garden screens on Saturday October 3rd at 16.45