Science X Cinema panel at CPH:DOX

As well as two screenings of The Creeping Garden at this years CPH:DOX, the directors will also take part in this rather fascinating sounding panel discussion alongside some rather remarkable film-makers.

‘The field between research and (film) art is the place where innovation is really happening right now. CPH:DOX have invited a number of renowned filmmakers to share their experiences and give us a take on what the world of science can learn from the way that research is conveyed in modern documentaries – and vice versa. Meet Nikolaus Geyrhalter (‘CERN’), Pernille Rose Grønkjær & Lone Frank (‘Genetic Me’), Jasper Sharp & Tim Grabham (‘The Creeping Garden’) and Marc Schmidt (‘The Chimpanzee Complex’). Each speaker will present their own film project with extracts, followed by a joint discussion.’

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