Creeping Garden heads to AAVE Festival in Helsinki

The Creeping Garden returns to Finland this April 12th as part of the AAVE Festival  in Helsinki.

AAVE Festival is a yearly international event organized in Helsinki since 2010. Their mission is to represent, promote and showcase different forms of audiovisual arts and therefore rejoin different genres and audiences. This is not a mere film or media art festival but it aims at opening the gates into the vast world of moving image.

“The theme of the year 2018 is hauntology, haunting through media and memory. We introduce the theme via live cinema performances, screenings, exhibitions and a seminar. In our main screening series we will show the short works by the legendary pioneer of Japanese experimental documentary film, video art and avantgarde film Matsumoto Toshio and our qualified live cinema guest artists performances and surprising moving image works will light up the program with tempting, otherworldly shine.”