Biocomputers and Slime Music

Innovative composer Eduardo Miranda, who hybridises science and music to produce his unique experimental sound-worlds, was one of the real revelations for us when we made The Creeping Garden.

And recently there was a return visit to Plymouth University to catch up on his new work with The Biocomputer – where slime mould is a component part of the computing and musical process.

In this short video, made by one half of the Creeping Garden duo Tim Grabham, we are introduced to the sounds and architecture of Miranda’s Biocomputer Music – a fascinating area explored in far greater depth within The Creeping Garden film.

The BBC dropped a short report of their own on their Click website this week but turned out it was composed almost entirely of clips from the afore mentioned video, so instead of indulging their lazy, penny pinching journalism, here is the original for you to immerse into.