A Real-life Science-Fiction Story about Slime Moulds
and the People who Work with Them

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Slime Mould heads to Ramsgate Festival of Sound

Celebrating the landscape, buildings, people and history of Ramsgate in exciting new ways with multiple sound installations and hundreds of amazing musicians, performers and artists, Ramsgate Festival of Sound is coming this July, and we are very happy that The Creeping Garden will be playing among the screenings Co-director Jasper Sharp will be there in… Continue Reading

Japanese DVD release of The Creeping Garden revealed

It is with great pleasure and some considerable excitement that we are able to reveal news of the Japanese DVD release of The Creeping Garden and a first look at the cover art. This comes as an ideal partner for the recently published Japanese translation of ‘The Creeping Garden: Irrational Encounters with Plasmodial Slime Moulds’… Continue Reading

Weekend of Slime

The season of the slime is upon us once more! This coming weekend, on the 6th and 7th of October, sees three Creeping Garden screenings taking place. First up on the 6th is UK Fungus Day Day in Bristol, where a host of fungus (and slime mould) related events and happenings are ready to feed… Continue Reading

The season of slime comes round once more

It seems that the coming of autumn and the emergence of Creeping Garden screenings go hand in hand – so once again as summer wanes and the slime moulds stir, we can announce that The Margate Film Festival will be showing The Creeping Garden on Sunday 7th October at 3.30pm. And the films co-director Jasper Sharp… Continue Reading

Creeping Garden heads to AAVE Festival in Helsinki

The Creeping Garden returns to Finland this April 12th as part of the AAVE Festival  in Helsinki. AAVE Festival is a yearly international event organized in Helsinki since 2010. Their mission is to represent, promote and showcase different forms of audiovisual arts and therefore rejoin different genres and audiences. This is not a mere film or media… Continue Reading